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If you're looking to translate your marketing ideas into a brand identity for your business then I'm interested in exploring the possibility of helping you build a brand.

If you're looking for strategic assistance and a complete brand identity including a name, even better. I have advised a number of start-ups.

If you're only looking for a logo design then perhaps I can convince you to think about a logo as one of many brand-marks that will define a more robust (and flexible) brand experience for your business.

It's important to note that I am a brand identity designer and not what I call a dedicated logo designer. Dedicated logo designers and graphic design generalists are unlikely to help you find a brand identity that will add value beyond a cosmetic logo styling exercise.

There is a substantial difference between the primary mark of a brand and a logo. A brand is much more than just a logo. A logo alone is unlikely to add much value to a business unless it is part of a coordinated set of purposefully directed brand-marks that determine a unique (and memorable) brand experience.

I create brands that require stories that logos alone cannot tell. If after reading what I have to say about brands you still believe that you only require a logo for your business please do not contact me.