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Volacci is a digital content marketing agency that specialises in augmenting the marketing of already successful websites via Drupal-enabled eco-systems of partnerships, technologies and commerce. In total, these interdependent factors are evolving Drupal into the most effective and robust digital content marketing platform for businesses online. And, within which Volacci also plays a key role in product development and reputation enhancement. Volacci's products are in service of marketing automation, which is a major recent development in digital marketing that delivers personalisation of services for customers en masse. To this end Volacci offers integrated products and services that include Search Engine Optimisation, analytics and social media content management. Volacci is working towards enabling customers to create a single platform in order to manage every aspect of marketing content online. By investing in such a platform customers can then harvest content marketing information so that their websites result in high quality, pre-qualified sales leads. The idea at the core of Volacci is that every component of a marketing campaign is part of a dynamic whole that should be managed as a total experience, that a company's information should be 'in formation' to achieve it's business ambitions  

Astonish Design is an Texas-based web-development firm that solves business problems with web-solutions so that businesses can create the order and leverage they need to succeed. Astonish has an impressive track record of taking businesses to 'the next level' in their markets, making significant improvements in the way that clients operate their businesses. With the help of Astonish, established companies have successfully added a web dimension to their business, and have become transformed in ways that can be said are truly 'astonishing'. Astonish are a team of highly specialised web-developers who achieve results by using and promoting Drupal as their preferred digital business platform, which offers powerful, flexible and real-time online content-driven capabilities. Taking an embedded strategic partner approach Astonish also make careful business partner fit choices, and work to a highly agile and rapid development programme called 'scrumming'. A defining feature of Astonish Design is their 'minimum viable product' principle, which ensures nothing they develop is superfluous and that all online business activities are properly directed to achieve maximum results. Known also for their 'radical honesty' Astonish has developed a reputation as a first-choice business solutions web-developer amongst clients and have fostered a highly desireable place to work that is fun, creative and inspiring. Very much aware of their local business economy contributions Astonish are set to become a leader in business development that enables businesses to take off  

Small Science is a molecular science technology company delivering, what is likely to become, a category defining sustainability solution aimed primarily at large scale fuel-dependent industries. This technology is delivered in the Fuelperfector brand, which has established clients in the haulage, railway and shipping industries, and is set to perform well across other fuel-dependent industries such as aviation and mass automotive manufacturers looking for environmentally friendly fuel consumption solutions. Small savings on a large scale not only contribute to the sustainability of big business through significant cuts in fuel consumption but has the added benefit of preventing further environmental damage. The same technology also has proven uses in the rejuventation of pollution-susceptible water-based ecosystems such as Norway's fjords. Delivered in the Waterperfector brand the technology works by introducing an electro-magnetic field into polluted water by stimulating the solution of oxygen in water, thereby helping fauna and fuana to clean water naturally. The brand identity is based on a simultaneous 'inside and outside' idea, bringing the inside and outside worlds together seamlessly. The line-based visual language suggests fuel lines, pathways and delivers a sense of continuous and purposeful action that has tangible commercial results and environmental benefits.  

Ashley House is a full-service property solutions business operating in the health, care and community sectors in England and Wales. The company is listed on the AIM stock exchange and has a 20 year track record delivering high quality, value-for-money properties with proven specialisms in consulting, design and construction as well as asset and estate management. Ashley House competes in the healthcare market for primary care property services contracts and within an exclusive set of private sector partners for NHS LIFT contracts. In the face of a rapidly changing market, a new government and new opportunities, Ashley House has moved to change the perception of the company from a specialist construction and materials infrastructure specialist to a complete property solutions provider. Ashley House offers a full-service and cost-effective 'one-stop' shop and has a distinct advantage over competitors by offering inhouse expertise in design and construction. The ambition of 'transforming community environments' captures the essence of Ashley House and the brand-idea 'well-adapted' (ie. adapted to wellness) has determined a brand-world made up of brand-marks that are designed to communicate endurance through adaptation in an evolving and ever-changing environment.  
Idea is a US-based global provider of elite-quality technology solutions for large organisations such as government agencies, defence contractors, education, the US military and navy as well as an impressive list of fortune 500 companies. Idea are extremely selective and only take on assignments in which they have a demonstrable track-record; never learning or developing solutions or products at client expense. They are specialists in infrastructure solutions, application development and mobile communications – always providing dependable customer support and working to demystify technology whenever possible. In the world of information technology Idea are 'the real deal' offering robust technology solutions backed by incisive and cost effective consulting. In an ever-changing world of technology solutions Idea offer a point of stability (and relative certainty) for large and complex organisations. Idea provide technlogy solutions that act as an extension of their client's business and, when it comes to consulting on technology solutions, a point of completion. Inspired by the computer file extenstion and the dot com protocol of the internet, and, much like a file extension for computer file large business is made effective by Idea.

SES is a Luxembourg-based satellite company that maintains a global fleet of more than 40 geostationary communications satellites, delivering services to media, telecommunications, government and enterprise. It also designs and procures satellites but is not a satellite manufacturer, nor does it act as a launch provider. Established in 1985 as Société Européenne des Satellites, SES has taken advantage of its strong position in the market by consolidating its 3 divisions (SES Corporate, SES Astra and SES World Skies) into a single seemless brand experience for its customers. Facing increasing competition from fiber networks, cable operators and triple play entertainment packages from mobile operators SES is capitalising on the unrivalled benefits of satellite services. At the same time seeking to overcome the staid image of the RF (wireless) medium amongst engineers who are, instead, graduating with degrees focused on IP (Internet Protocol). Satellite offers a consistenty of service everywhere, large scale bandwidth for mass delivery of direct to home HD and 3D TV as well as rapid deployment communications capabilities and global reach without geographical limit. By offering a single market-facing brand SES is leading the way from a well-managed holding company into a global commercial business.

Born of Forex, Asterisk is a premium Investment Fund aimed at high net-worth private investors. The fund offers a highly specialised investment service where investors benefit from detailed personal attention from traders who require a minumium of 100 000 Euro investment from each investor. Utilising a highly specialised trading method, restricted to those schooled in a proprietary, copyrighted 16-point system Asterisk offers an investment experience with a distinctive advantage. Asterisk deals mainly in Futures but has the flexibility to trade in other markets such as Forex. The 16-point trading method enables traders to take a highly disciplined but relaxed and informed approach to trading. Notably, this technique utilises sophisticated computer software to visualise trading in a way to identify investment opportunities that would otherwise remain obscured. This enables traders to apply insights by, literally, trading 'in sight'. On offer is an investment experience suited to investors who expect the best-of-the-best in all facets of life, investors who can expect to receive personalised investment advice from insightful and highly focused traders. Asterisk is an investment firm with an ambition to create an unprecedented wealth generation experience that goes above and beyond market-related and financial performance.

Mercedes-Benz, the iconic world-class luxury automotive brand, found itself with a unique set of problems that required a significant rethink of its offering. Facing stiff competition, sales were down and reports of poor quality products were tarnishing the brand's once untouchable reputation. To remedy this, numerous top-line global brand consultancies were approached to propose concepts aimed at refreshing and rejuvenating a troubled Mercedes-Benz. The concept shown here centres around a strategic idea of 'freedom' expressed in a dynamic self-organising system. Instead of a free space for only the brandmark of traditional brand identity management systems, each brand identity element is given its own free space area, symbolising the celebration and appreciation of individual freedoms. Appreciation and Partnership had been chosen as strategic ideas to guide the thinking about private and commercial vehicles, respectively. As part of a dynamic whole each brand identity element works together within the format and cascade from the top left hand corner of any given format. And, all the elements, each protected in their own space, are protected together in a larger free space area determined by the size of the brandmark and the edge of the format. This is the unprecedented concept we proposed to re-establish Mercedes-Benz as the automotive brand leader it once was.