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  Brand recall and the mind


Pure logic is not an option.

There is personal logic, socially agreed upon logic and ideal logic. Personal and social logic are the only types of logic available to people in reality. Ideal logic is unrealisable in the world and therefore of no value in the world.

People have feelings and thoughts. People are able to express their feelings and thoughts and as a result experience emotional and intellectual relationships.

Rationality is an interpretation of the ability to recognise and trade in formal socially agreed upon relationships, such as an appreciation of the physics that make blenders possible, and available to large social groups.

Blenders improve the quality of (and make possible) a range of food experiences. As food is fundamental to sensation, blenders enable a range of feelings that can be expressed and socialised. This gives blenders social value.

With such a rich variety of human experience made available by a home appliance such as a blender it should be no surprise that the manufacturers of these products find purchase in the minds and hearts of people.

The first to market with branded products and services that have a dramatic effect on the quality of people's lives have the most social impact and on this basis are most readily shared and recalled.


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