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  Branding, identity and the marks of brand experience


I believe, the best way to grasp branding is to handle identities as if they were made up of all types of marks that determine experience, verifiable and imagined. These are physical, linguistic, gestural and conceptual marks. In other words and in relation to specific brands, all the tangible and intangible aspects of the experience of an identity.

Any discrete identity can be usefully held as a brand.

Brands are 'things' made up of different kinds of marks and so, can be handled by determining, coordinating and manipulating these marks. In fact, all things in existence can be usefully handled as brands. All that varies between brands is scope, depth and complexity of value.

Brands enable people to make their way in the world.

In business terms a brand is the business strategy made experiential. The brand is every aspect of the experience of that business, internally and externally, and spans the whole gamut of the identity from product and service, culture, intellectual property, and market and mind share. The more articulated the business and the strategy the more 'branded' the identity and the experience associated with that identity.

In brand consulting, strategists configure and designers give form to the marks of a brand. The client provides an imperative identified by the marks that make up the fundamental components of the business ie. the raw material of a brand identity. The more articulated all these marks in combination, the more branded the experience and the more effective the brand is likely to be.

Effective brands are the brands that prevail.

Effective brands are the brands people care about for whatever personal or social reasons. It is with these brands that they have the closest and most emotionally and intellectually robust relationships.

So branding...

Funny? Not at all. Fundamental? Absolutely!

A brand is a logo?! Fuck off...


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