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  A new language for brand management


Truth and facts are not required to be involved in any situation. A pursuit of truth based on facts no longer applies to human experience. The terms 'truth' and 'fact' assist in modulating an unrealisable reality mediated by a particular language space.

As a result of a long history of a truth and facts-based language strategy it appears that this approach has been fully exhausted. There are no facts other than personal and social facts. Ideal facts are unrealsable in any sense and on this basis fail, without exception.

Personal facts fail with little effort and social facts require widespread mutual consent for success and failure. This consent does not require a belief in an underlying objective reality that would give credence to ideal facts.

All things, of which facts are an example, fail if pursued. On this basis all that remains is opinion. Brand management is tantamount to opinion management.

A brand is a collectively held opinion. All we can hope to do is manage opinion and direct opinion in the most credible and compelling manner possible. To achieve this we need to construct stories difficult to make fail. If a product or service is found wanting, a brand experience and the corresponding brand story is easy to make fail.

The approach demonstrated in my response to your post represents a radical rethinking of how language relates to the world. Brands enable us to make our way in the world so it makes sense to apply this approach to brands.


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