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  Brand consultancy orientations


It makes sense that a brand identity consultancy should become known for a singular orientation or a ground-breaking contribution to the industry. I've tried think of a single idea or description for notable UK-based international brand identity consultancies. The exercise is overly simplified but is worth considering in terms of how consultancies position themselves, consciously or otherwise.

From Andrew's list I've had direct experience of Landor's very impressive brand driver platform and Siegel+Gale's simplicity. To avoid repetition I think the following consultancies are worth noting. Some are up-and-coming and may find a top ten placement sometime.

Johnson Banks – Out-the-box
Lambie Nairn – Broadcast
Moving Brands – Digital non-static
Research Studios – Celebrity
Saffron – New modernism
The Team – Government
Turner Duckworth – Lightness of touch
Venture Three – Ultra-contemporary

Simplicity is perhaps worth a whole discussion. It seems commonly misperceived and in the limelight mostly due to Apple's success. Like brands people assume to know simplicity but are often unable to make sense of it.


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