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  General Motors' Total Confidence cutomer care program


Ah, the inescapable paradox of ideal presentations.

All confidence is false. To qualify, all ideal propositions are false because they are always subject to the demands of context. All statements appear realisable in the ideal context of formal language but fail in the world. All other types of confidence are relative and can never be certain. Total confidence is impossible to realise in any context.

This is a disastrous approach for any brand to take, no matter how intangible the offering. And certainly not in the automotive world where the tangible problems of everyday language and the physical world, no matter how well handled, can never be fully resolved.

GM is making a very naive philosophical mistake. Perhaps we have found the absurd limit to the pragmatic approach to business and brand management. The qualification caveat is ridiculous and very open to ridicule. This smacks of a panicked leadership polishing brass on the Titanic.

Total confidence with a qualification is meaningless. Someone doesn't deserve the responsibility they have been given. Consumers are not fools. This type of confidence is a good reason for consumers to condemn brands. This type of marketing is coercion of the worst kind, it deserves to fail...

... in my opinion.


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