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  Mexicana's new positioning strategy


The professionals were hired too late. It appears that Interbrand was robbed of the opportunity to create a world-class identity for Mexicana.

Interbrand's positioning: A breath of fresh air

Mexicana should have consulted Interbrand right from the start for the positioning. Interbrand would have furnished them with a top-notch identity to demonstrate the new positioning. Instead Mexicana worked with amateurs and got a ridiculously naive brandmark and livery. I expect Mexicana realised they couldn't abandon their new identity without loosing face, and this then forced Interbrand to position them as best they could under the circumstances.

I pity the creatives at Interbrand who had to contend with this wretched piece of work. Hats off to them for their efforts. They must have negotiated a premium rate to ease the pain of trying to make the best of an abysmal identity.

Positioning work has the best opportunity to be effective when it also determines the identity of the brand.


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