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  BBH Labs' crowdsourcing innovation


BBH Labs appears more intent on orchestrating a media spectacle than on finding an effective new brandmark.

Anyone in branding at a half decent level is familiar with the maxim, 'Your brand is not your logo'. So it doesn't make sense for a division of an international heavyweight advertising agency to place a key component of their brand experience in the hands of the ill-informed rabble available for hire on Crowdspring.

Perhaps BBH Labs assumes that it's brand story is well known, that people are interested enough to find out or doesn't actually have a unique strategy to leverage difference with a new identity.

Advertising tends to attract media mavericks, winging it with a gift of the gab and a knack for coercing the not yet jaded and spent into producing half-decent work on occasion. It is not filled with the slower moving and less expensive but more meticulous, thoughtful and sophisticated brand consulting strategists who think in much longer terms than the high turn around, high churn and hype-dependent advertising world.

Or, perhaps those at the helm of the BBH Labs brand know all this and are working a section of the online and creative industry to build brand awareness, working this brand identity malarky out as they go along to see what happens or are just as naive as many of the participants on Crowdspring.

Whichever way BBH Labs is an innovation unit. This is more likely a media experiment than a serious approach to finding a new brand identity.


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