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  Crowdsourcing and brands


Firstly, if people understood that a logo is one of many brand marks they would realise that changing the primary brand mark to a mark not intrinsically connected to all the other brand marks that make up a brand is a wasted effort. A logo change is tantamount to putting lipstick on the proverbial gorilla. A primary brand mark change represents a thorough revamp of a brand's key marks. How a brand's marks are configured indicates how the brand is positioned in the market. A brand identity constructed of interlinked and interdependent brand marks is a brand strategy made experiential.

Secondly, there is a place for crowdsourcing. It is in its infancy and not yet sophisticated enough to handle the complexities of Brand and its various types of marks. Crowdsourcing can just about handle logos. This is a suitable mechanism for a small business that needs a low cost signifier and does not yet have much equity in a brand. Brand strategies are unlikely ever to be crowdsourced and any imperative director demonstrates extreme naivety by crowdsourcing elements of their brand.

Thirdly, it's an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters that would rewrite Shakespeare. A 100 might get you nuts.


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