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  Aether's new brand identity


There is nothing to fault other than faultlessness.

Design and branding have never met so elegantly in an outdoor sportswear brand. This is the best of the best, ultra premium and downright outstanding.

Everything about this brand smacks of the highest quality, literally and metaphorically. This identity promises the highest specifications available. The name and symbol are evocative and superbly presented. However, there appears to be no room for error and this may be the brand's everlasting strength or its key weakness. Just one crack and the perfect crystal might shatter.

Aether has a good chance of succeeding independently of the founding members who may be keeping a tight ship and micro-managing every aspect of the brand experience. Attention to detail is clearly a key value and the identity appears born of insights not generally available. Not just of what is required to produce the highest quality outdoor sportswear but out of extraordinary life experiences.

This brand looks genuinely inspired to me. The name and symbol are unexpected and fresh, with plenty of conceptual depth to encourage me to return and ponder the source of the inspiration.

This brand may indeed become a pinnacle of global outdoor sportswear success seized from the heavens.


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