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  Ally – GMAC bank's rebrand


There are two schools of thought in branding. The one says that when you put on a mask you are being false. The other says that over time you take on the new features.

Even if the previous brand was disreputable the new branding demonstrates a pertinent self-awareness. It signals to the world that the problem has been identified and something has been done about it. The new brand looks credible. The name is evocative and appropriate and the brandmark looks distinctive and well handled.

Even if there's an additional layer of meaning in the brandmark the colour change looks unnecessary. However, the rest of the branding looks undernourished and way too functional. Ally should capitalise on such a strong start with a richer and more rewarding look and feel.

In a hyper-networked and reputation-driven world when a brand doesn't walk the talk returns diminish quickly. With such a reputation-savvy rebrand this insight shouldn't be lost on the new bank, or its customers.

In a troubled financial services industry we all need allies.


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