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  Audi’s brand transformation


This brand transformation seems to be in line with a high definition approach to media that has been enabled by developments in high resolution technology.

The latest rendering of the Audi rings is crisp and visually punchy. It's a challenge not to gravitate towards the shiny rings for these reasons but I have to agree with Erik Spiekermann, who makes the singularly most compelling point about what the new rendering means.

Audi is aluminium at it's engineered finest. It has done well to align it's brand attributes with such a powerful symbol of transformation. Aluminium is a fantastic material for all sorts of reasons, particularly recyclability. It's a future-proof association that the chrome rings are perhaps now working to degrade.

Although customised, the genericisation of the typography communicates an intention to mechanise and make universal the Audi brand. It also suggests that the brandmark doesn't need more than the symbol for recognition.

Perhaps Audi can now afford to consider itself in archetypal terms and so the idealisation of the brand identity is justified.


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