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  Avid's new identity


This is contemporary brand identity design at it's finest. The medium and the message have been played together masterfully.

A container brandmark makes sense as a medium for further messages about the type of media space this brand lives in. The messages interact on many levels through an archetypically simple and thoroughly modern device, the play symbol.

From the name I get Audio Visual ID, without knowing anything more about this brand. Avid works as more than the sum of these components. The name transcends it's function and now has all the latent richness of the sector embedded in the new identity.

I think Avid could afford to be more benefits and lifestyle-oriented even though its market appears to be primarily business-to-business. This would lift the photography out of the literal terms and tools of their trade. The messaging is so strong they can afford to treat secondary messaging less directly. This would build more emotional resonance into the brand and propel an excellent identity into a truly inspired identity.

Marshall McLuhan would be an avid fan. This identity is primed for greatness.


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