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  Chicken Now's new brand identity


Chicken Now means business.

Judging from this new brand identity we should expect all the benefits of modern food production and service in the context of tasty chicken delivered en masse. This is not organic or gourmet chicken, this is chicken delivered to the most people at the best quality for the best price.

There is a strong business element in the new look. The identity is fresh and asserts a healthy and vibrant personality. The symbol is powerfully simple. It reflects an essential foundation in chicken that seeks to deliver the most value as effectively as possible.

A simplified approach may have yielded a potentially iconic symbol but it has taken the name a step too far. The name is Chicken Now not Chickenow or Chicke-Now. This design-led solution may be visually neater but it has interfered with the meaning and erodes the overall impact of the brand.

Let's hope the business systems behind Chicken Now are as robust as this the new identity suggests because this identity has the potential to set the benchmark in the industry.

No bones about it, this identity is really tasty now.


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