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  Citroën's new identity


Previously I'd found the three-dimensionalisation trend of car brand identities nauseating. However, the new Citroen identity doesn't offend my pure design sensibilities quite so much. I believe any mark that ventures into the third dimention should be properly resolved in the first two, and only if it adds value. The old brandmark is clearly old fashioned and not a particularly successful pure design solution to begin with.

The new brandmark is a logical progression from the old identity and it communicates the sort of technological prowess we should expect from future-oriented car manufacturers.

Agreed, the typography is on the strangely and perhaps unecessarily affected side of 'technological' and so looses out on seriousness and gravitas, but then it does have some unexpected edges and would not look out of place on a new Citroen. An additional but minor gripe may be the colour incongruency of symbol and type.

This new brandmark should not be measured in terms of its value as a 'logo'. Brandmark, not logo. A brandmark represents the brand experience. A logo is something else which all too often is judged out of context. Get the language right and the brand experience follows.

Citroen's brand experience led by this new brandmark looks crisp and invigorated to me.


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