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  Fiserv's new brand identity


An assessment of the Fiserv logo doesn't do justice to the new brand identity. On it's own the brandmark is a clean and solidly structured piece of type, given emphasis and some ownability by the full stop. Appropriately the wordmark is very formal and corporate. It's a vast improvement over the previous mark but in and of itself looks very off-the-shelf. And almost non-proprietary and characterless with intent.

The full stop idea belongs to Deloitte – a major global financial services brand. After dropping Touche Tohmatsu, Deloitte asserted itself as the last stop in the financial services sector.

The strength of the Fiserv identity is not the full stop but how the identity behaves in context as a mark. It is one mark of many brand marks that identify the Fiserv brand. The v works nicely as an arrow on the website and adds another dimension to the perception of the brandmark.

Overall the new identity communicates a strong sense of a utilitarian and no nonsense financial mechanism. There are no warm fuzzies here, this is a faceless machine.


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