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  Kraft Foods' new brand identity


An extremely poor update for such an established brand. Those at the helm of the company's brand don't seem to know how to buy brand consulting services. Or the brand consultancy has done a very poor job of buying creative services.

Smiles are barely defendable conceptual devices after Amazon's fantastically successful smile, which adds value way beyond the obvious.

Smiles are an apparently irresitable contemporary 'me too' brand identity trend. Althought there is an attempt at a flower, the combination is poorly executed and just looks naive. The missed opportunity for some tasty type is further confirmation that the identity was in the hands of novices. Perhaps the creative director responsible should get off his laurels and get with it or start paying top dollar for his juniors.

The most valuable asset a company has is it's brand. At best a slippery notion to begin with but such obvious brand identity travesties are difficult to remedy. To coin another cliche in a sea of cliches, 'you never get a second chance at a first impression'.


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