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  Namics' new brand identity


I admire this approach to brand identity.

Adaptive identities reflect more closely the experience of a brand. The more dynamic an identity, the more dynamic the experience. The trick is to find a unique system that is rich and immersive enough to be memorable.

The Namics system has been properly owned, is well handled and makes sense relative to the name but I think the system highlights the limitations of the overall approach. This identity is very cerebral and has a highly constrained emotional range.

Information by default implies linguistic information. Dynamic names I get. Great for a lingistics-based brand. Namics suggests that all information is linguistic or subject to linguistics. Namics may believe this but the rest of us shouldn't be expected to.

There might be clever systems behind the brand that help generate the identity but this identity is more clever than it is intelligent. Web development no matter how semantically-oriented towards Web 3.0 manifests itself, to a significant degree, in the visual, gestural and emotional range of experience. Names and tags may enable handling of material online to deliver rich and immersive experiences but the names and tags in themselves are not rich and immersive.

If by this new branding, Namics is suggesting that information technology spans only the linguistic range of communication then they've built a redundancy into their brand. Their approach is credible up to a point but not compelling enough to mark out an outstanding brand identity or brand experience.


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