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  Opera's new icon


I'm surprised that more people haven't got the Opera vibe.

I haven't looked back since I became accustomed to the cascading bookmark folder system. Over the years other browsers seem to have sneaked in the same feature while no one was looking.

The wand is pure login magic. And perhaps not as easily copied. The Firefox login system is passable but not nearly as elegant. All the updates on startup, dotted boxes on link hovers and the image load-up icons and borders remind me why I don't use FireFox unless I really have to.

As for Safari (the only other real contender), it refuses to load tabs in the same window without holding down the command key. This is plain silly given that it was developed by an otherwise inspired Apple.

The old Opera icon is indeed clumsy and sits awkwardly in the Mac dock. The new slickly rendered O is most welcome, it's a far better reflection of the Opera browser experience. The centred O icon now sits proud and without too much imagination looks like it could be singing, as Armin suggests.

Since Operalink went live, despite the odd geeky glitch, any doubts about Opera have been blown away. This is a great identity for a great browser that deserves mainstream appreciation.

Brav... O


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