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  Packard Bell's new brand identity


Just me. At my best? Maybe... but not with a 'pure red design-driven' Packard Bell.

Packard Bell's new identity is looking to look, not to see. Where is the value? Why would any brand want to own PB? Including and especially Packard Bell. PB doesn't bear Packard Bell. Packard Bell bears Packard Bell. There doesn't appear to be any inherent value in owning PB. PB as a symbol is as superficial and redundant as the gloss effect throughout the new branding.

How is red, 'colour at its best'?! Purple is just as good at being a colour as Red is at being a colour. This sort of hyped-up rhetoric doesn't smooth over the gaping conceptual holes in this inane cosmetic make-over.

There is an attempt at a proprietary branded lifestyle but this is style without much novelty and provides no clue as to why PB might be valuable. Just about every aspirational cliche has been attempted and the sense that Packard Bell represents style without substance is tough to shake.

The new Packard Bell brand identity needs a reboot with the ideas key held down.


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