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  Everything Everywhere's brand identity

Brand New: Every[blank] Every[blank]™


Everything Everywhere is a great brandline but a profoundly problematic name.

A holding company for the merger of Orange and T-mobile, two giants of Europe telecommunication, may support grand conceptual claims and point towards the almighty digital convergence going mobile but a demi-god with omni-active powers this venture is unlikely ever to deliver.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Fallon, T-Mobile and Orange seem to have made a fundamental error in thinking that advertising agencies can double up as brand consultancies. Advertising strategy is not the same as brand strategy. Those opulent images of Everything Everywhere's top man shows clearly the sort of egotistical posturing that advertising executives thrive on. Senior people at the world's biggest and best brand consultancies will be shuddering at this whole debacle. Even Wolff Olins wouldn't try to sell this name to a serious corporate client.

If, as may well be the case, Everything Everywhere's ambition is to eventually replace Orange and T-mobile the real failings of this brand will become painfully obvious. As a holding company behind the scenes they might get away with this until a more sober leadership takes over but corporate partners and serious investors are sure to baulk at this ridiculous name until then.

Everything Everywhere is an idea rich with purpose and meaning entirely appropriate for the sector as a brandline but as a name this is far too grand a claim.

As fantastic as the digital mobile revolution may be, it cannot do everything and be everywhere, ever.


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