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  O2's Branding


The O2 bubbles do the bulk of the work in describing the character and personality of the O2 brand. They are the visual brand-marks that are most emphasised of all the various brand-marks that cue the O2 experience.

The primary O2 brand-mark is linguistic (ie. the name) and so its visual form remains primary, despite the fact that the visual representation of the name is secondary to the bubbles. The O2 brandmark doesn't draw on any other non-verbal symbolic representations that would otherwise draw attention to it. This enables the flexible (and infinitely variable) bubbles to perform most of the work in carrying the oxygen metaphor of the brand-idea. Thinking of the O2 brandmark as a 'logo' is ineffectual and makes a good case for demonstrating how thinking of brands in terms of 'logos' is redundant.

Simon Manchipp's 'Brand Worlds' are constructed of 'Brand Marks', in much the same way that all the various marks of experience (material, linguistic and gestural) provide all the 'material' necessary to determine any distinct identity, without exception.

In conclusion, any discrete identity made up of marks that determine the experience of that particular identity can be usefully held as a brand.


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