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  The black cube can show us the way

Swiss Miss: Cube, Dieter Rams

If Dieter Rams is not intending for us to understand what he says here as a bit tongue in cheek then it looks like he is beginning to loose his marbles. How is a black cube more or less honest than any other black platonic form?

I get that in the design and construction of products that a cube offers some insights but this goes without saying. By vocalising this as he has, Dieter Rams is looking to establish himself as a pseudo-mystical design guru. He has made great contributions to design thinking in the past but what he's saying here is completely unnecessary. Surely he should recognise this.

Design doesn't need new associations. It does what it's supposed to do and that is to give form to material things. To some extent design is also responsible for configuring things that already have form but this is by far the weaker definition of design. This latter definition is also the most confused aspect of the value design adds to created things.

What should be obvious to most people is that design is a given nowadays. In this sense design is over. Sustainability is what determines the effectiveness of design in terms of the function, construction and marketability of products. The limitations of the role of design in the creation of products and services has been identified. It's time to get over design.

The black cube can show us the way?!... Get real.


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