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  Moving Brand's proposed identity for HP


If HP doesn't harness the full potential of this identity then I'll gladly cite this as a reason for their demise.

Not that I have any real problem with HP's current identity, it's consistent and competent. It does the job that most people expect of an identity but it's far from great. Moving Brands have taken the HP brand where it's asking to go, and then some.

If this project only ever gets realised as an extension of the current HP forward slash brand-mark system then it seems to me that the HP brand experience will only ever be moderately good. On the other hand, if they go to the next level by committing wholeheartedly to an identity led by what is likely to become a celebrated brandmark the chances are that they'll be on their way to establishing a legendary brand.

HP is well-placed to claim the forward slash as a brand gesture on an archetypal level. The brand-mark system communicates 'forward-thinking' in an edgy, energetic and technologically relevant way. However, as much as I appreciate the idea of a single forward slash as a primary brand-mark this is probably a step too far. Unless, for example, HP intends to signal a move beyond their 'Hewlett Packard' heritage then possibly, but that's more 2121 than 2021.

'Human Progress' is perhaps an over-stretch as a central brand claim but it's a more than competent and workable brand-idea that should serve HP well. It's likely to encourage people to think beyond their existing frames of reference.

As for the 13° idea, this looks a bit forced and seems arbitrary. The 1941 version of the logo looks suspiciously tilted and Pepsi's absurd rationale springs to mind.

What more could an organisation ask of a properly considered and future-oriented brand identity? Why go to all this trouble of commissioning Moving Brands and then not seize the opportunity to actually use the work? I hope this not a case of pearls to swine.

It seems to me that HP are now faced with a choice, their 'red pill' moment has arrived.


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