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  A brand is not a name or a logo


Names and logos are better handled as brandmarks.

The overall brand experience includes the experience of the brandmark. The brandmark is the primary tag associated with the core brand experience. Brand tags cue brand experience but are also brand experiences in themselves.

At the core experience you'll find your devotees, for whom the brand experience probably transcends all that can be determined by those who manage the brand. The brandmark is closely connected to the core experience in symbolic terms. Symbols are transcendent (otherworldly) and therefore easily acquired and discarded by casual customers. But not by devotees who have a more thorough grasp of the brand's symbolic value in the world.

The core brand experience becomes something else if you change the brandmark.

If you change the brandmark you have the momentum of other environmental touchpoints to build a new brand. B2B customers tend to be in closer contact with these other environmental touch points. The environmental scale difference and distance from supplier more common in B2C means touch points are more likely to matter as tags. Tags are the parts of the brand experience easily offered. And aquired and abandoned by customers. If the brand experience cued by the tag matches the tag customers become less casual.

Names and logo's are discardable, brandmarks aren't.


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