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  What is great creative?


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Creativity is a measure of vitality; the one begets the other. Vitality springs from creative insight and creative insight enables intervention.

Intervention (in the world) requires creativity in order to uncover how to intervene further and with greater efficacy.

Creativity requires a collective realisation for it to be of any consequence outside a personally relevant experience. Creativity without social relevance remains deeply personal and should remain there. Attempts to socialise this 'creativity' is likely to end in loneliness and mental ill health.

Brands give form to collective intervention. The better articulated brands are the more their capacity for intervention can be leveraged. So by this reasoning, the more creative a brand the more successful it will be.

Post 2

Success is a measure of the relevance of creativity.

Creativity for creativitiy's sake may produce difference but it will only be of value to those in the immediate vicinity of the creation. Like art for art's sake, the value of such a piece is only accessible to those in the immediate context ie. in the art world. To everyone else this type of art creates confusion and doesn't further the role of art in society. On this basis art for art's sake demonstrates why the bulk of art is of no relevance to people's lives.

Creative insight manifest in any arena offers novel value to those involved.

To find preference, brands need to extend client or customer reach into the world. They do this by providing the right tools for the job. These tools are chosen because they enable users to intervene more effectively in the world. Effective intervention is rewarded by an increase in the quality of the relationships involved. To ensure these tools are preferred they must be different and relevant.

Creative insight delivers value which is different and relevant. Preference in turn is rewarded in affirmation, which has highly sought after emotional consequences.

Value can only be added to a brand via creativity. The more creativity, the more value added and the more effective the brand.

Any other view of creativity is of no value and should be abandoned. Any design or brand strategy which is not in service of this definition of creativity should also be abandoned.


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