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  Mexicana's new identity and livery


The old corporate identity may be dated but I have to say the old livery looks great. The symbol reversed out of the patterns are striking (and probably quite meaningful). Overall the old identity is clean and fresh, easy to manage as a system and as a customer I would know what I was getting.

The new identity is a mess from beginning to end. Confusing. And I also have to say, extremely naive. The symbol has a stab at looking contemporary but it still has a long way to go. What is it? A wedge of air in front of the eagle? Why?

Not only is the type having an identity crisis, it's contorted and inelegant. There are too many ideas, none of which appear to have any reason to exist.

The livery looks bandit-like and poison-tipped.

Someone was robbed of the opportunity to do a nice piece of work.


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