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A really simple formula behind the brand-idea provides a distinctive and highly ownable identity system that delivers a sophisticated range of brand messages suited to the technology sector. The formula-based messaging system adds a number of ideas in addition to the computer file extension and dot com internet protocol of the brandmark. This formula complements the technology sector and is reflective of the type of thinking required to deliver technology solutions. It's a coded and short-hand messaging device that, once grasped, enables deep insights into the brand. I'll discuss, in brief, the examples presented here that I created, taken from the concept presentation. 'Technology' dot 'consulting' is perhaps the most pertinent example as 'technology' identifies the sector and 'consulting' qualifies the type of value added, and together 'technology' and 'consulting' describe an established sector understood by people in the field. As a brandline '' is a gift. '4' Dot '1' is a highly specific brand message. The new brand not only anounces the merger of four companies into one but demonstrates the brand idea in a profoundly relevant way. Idea, according to the coded message, is literally the '1'. And, a new twist on the Einsteinian symbol of genius E=MC2, E (energy) is qualified as M (mass) x C (the speed of light) squared. In the context of Idea's brand E.MC2 is communicated in a way that, once the coding has been grasped, people understand that it means E=MC2. Or, simply, two related words can be used together where the second is to be held as the same as the dot Idea such as 'buzz.lightyear'.



Technology consulting


Infrastructure, application development, mobile communications and customer support




Create an IT consulting brand
for the new, integrated Idea. Merger between Ajilon Professional Services, Glotel, Idea Integration and Idea Interactive


Brand identity designer


Brand-idea, brandstyle (look & feel) and copywriting

Consultancy credit



As part of a large team of predominantly senior freelance brand identity designers I developed the chosen route from the seed idea proposed by another senior designer on the team. The dot idea was born of the computer file extension and the dot com protocol of the internet.

I fleshed out the concept and developed the idea behind the brand, in detail and into it's fullest expression. I proposed that, in line with the no BS and 'the real deal' strategy, the concept be that Idea is an extension of their client's business and, in terms of technology consulting, a point of completion.

The font choice I initially proposed made it through a font selection and colour choice team exercise. Some minor design and layout details were added by the presentation design team.