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I offer a standard package of 10 days worth of my time. This includes all the services necessary to produce a brand identity based on a marketing strategy provided by you. The more developed (and unique) your marketing strategy the more effectively I can deliver creative expressions of the marketing ideas in a brand identity.

The initial 10 days I offer at a set fee. This package allows for flexibility in terms of the research, naming, consulting and creative design work necessary to produce a strategic brand identity. It should be noted that the creative design phase requires a minimum of 6 days to ensure high quality design and presentation work. If naming is required no more than two naming presentations should be expected within this package without negotiating additional time.

Beyond my standard package I charge on at a daily rate based on negotiated deliverables such as further development of the chosen route, look & feel, website design and individual collateral items.

Working directly with me means that you get personalised attention that larger agencies are unlikely to provide. My rates are, on average, a tenth of corporate and at least half of boutique design studios rates. Please contact me to find out my current rates as these vary depending on my commitments at the time of your enquiry.