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Ignore Me™
Nvohk is an eco-clothing startup company harnessing the collective powers of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. This means that, for a yearly fee, members get to submit design ideas as well as decide on how to manage the company. The brand was created to raise environmental impact awareness, targeting and inspired by skate boarding and surfing communities. The central placement of the O of Nvohk lent itself to a strong focal point, which doubles as a reversed out O and conceptually as the earth without any obvious cliche. The surrounding letters provide the flourishes to encircle and complete the O, and conceptually to suggest breaking waves and care of the earth.
Ignore Me is a brand about branding. It is branding at its most self-aware. It brings attention to itself by bringing to the fore the active elements in the stories of brands. Ignore Me proposes that you ignore it. This appears realisable but isn’t. It has your attention, it demands your attention but at the same time subverts your attention. It proposes that you ignore it when clearly you can’t (or you wouldn’t be reading this). This brings to light the power of media in delivering brands. Technically, Ignore Me is an attention paradox and this demonstrates the inherent philosophical and art value of this brand. Ignore Me exists to bring attention to brands and the process of branding. It challenges consumers to ask of all brands what is left over when the branding of a product or service is ignored. Ignore Me is not associated with any product or service and can be used to brand any product or service in the future. In this sense Ignore Me is a metabrand.